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🎓🟠 Take charge of your bitcoin education with L(earn) More

As Bitcoin continues to evolve, we've created a new way for you to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and insights. With Learn More, we've added a wide range of new Bitcoin subjects that cover everything from the use cases of Bitcoin to debunked Bitcoin myths.

To earn even more tickets to win Satoshis, simply study these new chapters and expand your knowledge of Bitcoin. We've made it easy for you to access these new chapters right from the app. You'll be able to explore everything from the basics of Bitcoin to more advanced topics.

As you explore the new feature, you'll be able to navigate through various sections, for example, use cases as a novel asset class:

  • Liquid Store Of Value
  • Wealth Protection
  • Uncorrelated Alpha
  • Call Option On A New System

... and more!

Our new feature is designed to help you learn more about Bitcoin and expand your knowledge, no matter where you are.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new feature and expanding your knowledge of Bitcoin. Don't forget, the more you learn, the more tickets you can earn to win Satoshis.

To get started, open Simple Bitcoin and click on the "Learn More" section.

Happy learning!

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