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Using One Line Of Code To Accept Microtransactions

The remonetization of the Internet using Bitcoin has only just begun. This simple guide shows you how to accept microtransactions within minutes.
Using One Line Of Code To Accept Microtransactions
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Why You Should Accept Microtransactions

Microtransactions are a form of online payment that can be used for any number of things, for example buying downloadable files, donating small amounts, or gaining access to member-only content. They are convenient, instantaneous, and do not require any physical payments.

The best part is that they can be implemented on any website without the need for any programming skills.

Usually, a microtransaction is a purchase of digital goods or services priced under $10. With Bitcoin Lightning, they can be even as low as $0.01. That’s why Bitcoin Lightning is becoming the new standard to pay online.

It's simple, fast, and secure.

There are a few other reasons why you should start accepting microtransactions on your website, blog, or app. One reason is that you can charge less for your goods or services and still earn more. You will also be able to expand your customer base by accepting payments from all over the world.

Implement Micropayments In Two Steps

Receiving payments on your own website has never been easier. There are only two things you have to do.

First, you need to have your own lightning address. Secondly, you need to modify the header of your website.

Set Up A Free Lightning Address

A lightning address is just like an email address, only for receiving money.

One easy way of setting up a free address is via Alby. After signing up, select your individual name.

If you're a frequent telegram user, you can also use get a lightning address via your username on LN.tips.

Setting up an address is free and lightning fast.

Embed Your Adress Into Your Website Header

The second and last step you need to do is add one line of code so that Lightning wallets like Alby recognize your website to be compatible.

Add code at the end of the <head> tag:

<meta name="lightning" content="YOURUSERNAME@getalby.com"/>

That's it!

From now on you can easily receive money through your website. Of course, the address you created can also be used to send money.

Here's a quick visual summary of how it works in practice, using our website as an example:

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